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FIFA World Cup Soccer 2006 (Archive) Biggest sporting event in the world. This is time for the sky high excitement.

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Old June 1, 2006, 11:20 AM
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Default Best of the best

Every four years we witness a performance of out of the world type in the World Cups. One move, one shot gets engraved in our heart. Fans remember them for years to come. Obviously I can't name all of them. That's where you come in. Please add as you please. The two greats are not included. Pele and Maradona. We all know about them.

Honorable mention:
Hungary Major (Puskus). If there is any guy who can rival with Pele and Maradona as the best players to play the game it must be Puskus. He changed European football. Made sure England being the best European team is just a myth with consecutive victories (one of them was a 7-1 drubbing). Took Real Madrid to a level that even Man U, Liverpool, Arsenal combined can't come close.

England Sir Bobby Charlton. Defensive link has more international goals than Linekar, still a record for any Englishmen. Naturally gifted very hard but fare tackler, pin-point passer. He was in the team of 66 with another great Bobby Moore.

The father of Modern day total football Holland's Johan Croft. The artistry, the magical passing, the team game were orchestrated by this legend.

Franz Beckenbauer Germany. Did it all as a manager (1990) and as a player (1974). One of the greatest Europe have ever produced.

CUBILLAS Teofilo Peru. Poor man’s Pele. With the yellow jersey Pele had the upper hand of playing more games than Cubillas in the biggest stage of all “the World Cups”. Had Cubillas was born in the land of Brazil, we would name these two great footballers almost in the same breathe. Pele himself laurelled Cubillas as the “next great one”. Cubillas didn’t disappoint his hero in the ‘70 world cup. In 4 matches he scored 5 goals. Then in ’74, Peru did not qualify. Had Peru qualified we would not mention Mueller as the highest scorer in WC. Then in ’78 in 3 matches he scored 5 goals with a hattrick. In the second round that year they were teamed against Argentina, Brazil, and a strong Poland side led by Boniek. Some of Cubillas’s goals are ranked among the best goals in the WC. 10 WC goals in 7 matches. Brazilian Super stars Zico, Careca, Romario, Ronaldo, Bebeto, Ronaldiho stand no where near this great footballer year in year out with supporting cast they have/had.

Hagi Romania. Just the name brings back memory of eye-popping moves. Powerful bending shots. His presence pulled crowd towards the game even those who weren’t interested in football.

Socrates Brazil. The one who led the best team not to win a cup in multiple tries. Right at the levels of Puskus and Croft’s teams. The no-look back heel passes revolutionized football. Must give the props to Zico (82, 86), Falcao(82, 86), Junior(82, 86), Cerezo(82), Eder(82), Careca(86, 90), who could use any part of their body to pass a ball to their teammates without even looking if that player is there are not. 90% of the time they were there. It was a game of style and momentum, poetic. A dance called Samba. Only the woodwork alone cost these teams from hoisting the cups multiple times.

Platini France. With a powerful shot making ability, passing deadly as darts dissecting the bulls eye, he was Mr. Francebefore Zidane came.

RUMMENIGGE Karl-Heinz Germany. The relentless workhorse, use to practice 100 shots and 100 heads after every practice session was over. In 82 WC finals, when Italy was cruising on her way to the world cup with few minutes remaining and a 2-0 lead, at the old age coming as a substitute stunned Italy with 2 goals in matter of minutes. That’s the class of Rummenigge.

Lother Mathus Germany. The captain to win the cup in 1990. With supporting cast like Brehme, Pierre Litbarski, Rudi Voeller, Klinnsmann they were the force to reckon with. However Mathus was the heart and soul of the team. I have never seen anyone strike the ball so hard.

Roger Miller Camaroon. I don’t think I need to elaborate on this guy. Just want to say at the age of 42 he is the oldest player to play in any WC and score.

Thomas Brolin (90, 94) Sweden. The heart and soul of the Swedish team who could change the fate of a game single handedly. Watched him play live in the Dallas cotton bowl stadium (two match: one against Saudia Arabia and the other against Brazil – both classic matches). He had unbelievable shooting range.

Dunga, Romario, Bebeto Brazil (94). Had to mention them having the opportunity to watch them live in a WC. Dunga tireless player, Romario (nobab romario is another version of Paolo Rossi) most opportunistic, slick player who only wants the ball in the goal mouth. Bebeto works his real off to get the ball in the net, a selfless player totally opposite of Romario.

Roberto Baggio Italy. Houdini like moves only teased the Italian fans to dream. Except Maldini never liked any Italian soccer player. Sorry Italian fans, the ‘82 wounds are too deep. The Scars are still there.

Hristo STOICHKOV 6 goals in ‘94 got him the golden boot along with Russian Salenko (scored 5 goals against Camaroon).

And there are the usual ones. Eusebio, Garrincha, Kempes, Muellar, Zoff. Someone else can give a description on these greats.
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