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Originally Posted by Zeeshan
LOL! Imho, he really needs to work on his inner game. I still remember the Multan innings which I watched with my dad and I loved how he didn't succumb to pressure and scored a 100 for losing cause. My dad said: "Thing I love about Shakib is he is always smiling."

So, I think he needs to rekindle that spirit. What he did to that umpire is unacceptable. People's claim that it may be getting to his head is certainly not unwarranted, but come'on let's face it: how many of us really know the guy and sat to have a talk down with him face-to-face?

But imagine if he was on this psycho-babble fuel, he'd blast off like rocket. Michael Johnson was saying how even Usain Bolt could clean up his technique which will make him faster and faster and faster.

See, the thing about America that I love is the whole "sky's the limit" "never stop learning" mentality. Not only America but India. I mentioned US because they dominate Olympics, military and all. Rohit jokes that every where he goes now, airport etcetera people always ask him for 300. And he was saying in the interview half-jokingly that you can't buy 300 like oil or something. My Hindi is terrible actually. But then he said, that's fine. That's how the expectations should be.

This hunger, this drive... it is as important as consistency and technique.

Sure it is always wise to pause and slow down and reflect on your achievements, and one might accuse that if it may be hoarding mentality, but I think not. I do believe when you stop growing, you die.
Shakib has hunger and drive, he expresses this by shouting obscenities at umpires, when decisions don't go his way.
Follow your deepest dream, the one you had as a kid... but stay focused.
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