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. I 100% DISAGREE with the bolded statement. It is Donald who asked her to tape their conversations. There are 100s of hours of conversation between them taped. Similar types and others. Because he was old and can't remember things or what he said (promised) to her. She replays those tapes to him so that he can remember. Then she gets what she wants. How this got leaked I do not know.
My posts were mostly hours after the leak when most info weren't there. Sure if that is the case that recording was with his knowledge then ok... but it was leaked which shouldn't have.... we shouldve never been exposed to this PRIVATE convo eventhough it maybe taped, there was no agreement between the two that at any point their convo can be made public. that was the point...

Too bad for him he picked the wrong sport to say bad things about the wrong people. Put in another way, if he said something about refusing Muslims to enter his games, no body would care... Many people would probably support it saying, it would make the game feel safer :p

But listen I understand, given history of slavery and his thought process, it is simply just not racism anymore, it just doesn't feel right for him to own a team consisting of mostly black players... Even I am deeply offended even though I have a pretty thick skin...
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