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Originally Posted by iDumb
Karim abdul jabbar written a nice article on time magazine, very level head.. said he wouldn't like sterling owning a franchise and that the reaction like this should have been there before.... and that the gf should be jailed for invasion of privacy instead of getting future tv deals....
I haven't read what Karim said or where he is coming from. I am not sure if he knows what was going on. I 100% DISAGREE with the bolded statement. It is Donald who asked her to tape their conversations. There are 100s of hours of conversation between them taped. Similar types and others. Because he was old and can't remember things or what he said (promised) to her. She replays those tapes to him so that he can remember. Then she gets what she wants. How this got leaked I do not know.

Originally Posted by iDumb
...I don't think he can redeem himself out of this one unless he does something extraordinary that will actually make ppl think he is truly sorry..
I don't think he wants to redeem himself. Scumbags do not change nor do they think they are wrong.
Originally Posted by iDumb
...blame his family, take all of them out of his inheritence and donate half of the team to the charity.. rest of the his wealth to the charity after his death.....
Nope. You can not blame someone else for one's mistake. Two wrong doesn't make it right.

I hope he gives away Clippers to his kins. That way NBA Owners don't have to make drastic decisions.
The Weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is an attribute of the Strong." - Gandhi.
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