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Usually in a golf course there is a two nine holes streaches ot total of 18 holes, the first one is known as front nine and the second one is known as back nine. Each holes are built in differently (how long they are). The course designer sets a number on each hole (This number is known as Par). If one can put his ball in the cup with that many shots then he scores a zero. This is called par. If he can finish the hole with one less shot then he scores -1, which is called as birdie. If he can finish the hole with two less shots then he gets a score of -2, an eagle. Now if the golfer goes over one shot than the designated number he gets a +1 a boggie, +2 double boggie, +3 triple boggie, +4 Quadruple boggie; So on so forth.

Example: Say hole number 1 is set as Par 4. Which means if you take four shots to finish the hole you make a zero or a par. if you take 5 shots then you made +1 or a boggie.

Once everyone finishes the course their scores are tallied. Who ever has the lowest score wins. A tournament usually starts on Thursday, everyone plays one round. Same thing is repeated on Friday. Then a Cut is made. Cut is discarding bad performing players. A ten shot back player from the leader would make the cut or any player who is within the first 60 would make the cut. On Saturday and sunday the tournament continues with who only made the cut. These guys only get paid. Those who didn't make the cut get nothing. At the end of Sunday who ever has the lowest number wins the tournament.

Crash course completed. Now go and enjoy the game. I will talk about clubs (sticks) after a while.
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