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I dunno why ppl bother with temporary 'dieting' measures. The thing is, you have to change your WHOLE lifestyle for the REST of your life if you want to lose weight and keep it off.

On a similar topic, don't you find it funny how McDonalds is trying to stock 'healthy' food? For breakfast, they basically offer what you can buy at the supermarket! Why the heck would i want to be seen at a McD store eating what i could eat at home?? Sheesh. And then there are the TV ads showing mothers enjoying a salad while their fat kids eat Big Macs, with the slogan 'Now I can enjoy eating at McDonalds too'. Riiiight. So basically you are not willing to eat the same sh1t you buy your fat kid. And the sad thing is, there ARE ppl like that. Sometimes I think there should be certain criteria ppl need to fulfil in order to be ALLOWED to have offspring...

PS: Nasif, you're not fat but you went on the Atkins diet for four weeks? :duh:
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