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Originally Posted by Cats_eye
I would have voted for Jose +10 but he is not in the list.

Among the list its a toss up between Miroslav Klose (Germany) or thierry henry (France).

For the best goal, it has to be the Argentine goal, receiving on the chest and a left footer before the ball touched the ground, far post bending (banana) shot..... Gooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal.
I was surprised actually that Henri is in the list. He did nothing but tap a simple ball in Brazilian net. He is like Rivaldo, Del Piaro - style of their club suited them more. For me it was between Zidane and Viera. The third best french player is Ribery not Henry to me.

I think you are refering the mexico goal. That was awsome. but to me the first goal of this tournament is the best individual goal
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