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So I bought a Kawhi Leonard jersey back in 2014. I love the two way type of play that he is known for. I knew he would be a great (he turned out to be) and that he would be a Spurs forever (given how the spurs nurture their players).

So it pains me to see him leave (Part of me still hopes he will stay). Because once a player joins another team, your jersey becomes completely useless!

All the above is ofcourse from a neutral's point of view.

Now back to the question.

If I was a Spurs fan, no, I would not burn it. Because he won a championship with you guys, and will be etched in Spurs history forever. You will be probably laughed at for wearing that jersey again in the streets, but if you are such a big fan, you can make a Spurs club room in your house, and hang the jersey on the wall. To commemorate the man for the memories he gave you to cherish.

However, I cannot get too upset at another person who will get mental relief from burning a piece of apparel. They bought it with their money after all.

God bless the USA for incidents like these which are allowed without even the batting of an eye. Can you imagine if I bought a Mushfiqur jersey, went to Dhaka, and burned it on the rooftop, and made a video of it and posted to FB? I assure you I would get a couple of death threats.
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