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Originally Posted by zman
Lakers have mortgaged their future just to appease Kobe. I've been a Kobe fan all along - i know he's cocky and selfish at times but somehow he's made it work for him and he's a proven winner big time. But his latest contract with the Lakers is baffling - I thought he'd play for 10 mil a year and allow the Lakers to add two more superstars and contend. Instead he'll be playing for a team that will be stuck in the middle tier, missing the playoffs and not even getting high lottery picks. So the Lakers are pretty much doomed for the next 4/5 years.

Bulls are intriguing to me. They've proven they can make the playoffs without Rose. According to most reports Rose is almost back to his all star form. I've seen quite a few moves by him while playing for team USA on Sportscenter and he looked good. Bulls are one of the two best defensive teams in the league but I thought adding Gasol was really big. Even at his age, Gasol can flat out ball. He's one of the best big man passers in the game and I can see most teams having trouble stopping their big guys from scoring.
That was always my knock on Kobe. He's a great player for sure but he's always been selfish and if he hadn't been, he could've won more championships.

Regarding the Bulls, I still have to see whether Rose can sustain this success with that bum knee. Right now he looks good but we'll see how he does in a full 82 game season. If he gets injured again then they might still remain a solid team but not really a contender. The additions of Gasol and McDermott obviously help but question is will it be enough? With Rose, yes they can be a contender but that's a big if imo
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