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Originally Posted by iDumb
Good political move...... i still wish NYK had him
At least we got Melo this time. I have faith in Phil. He's surrounding himself with the right people, people who actually believe in his philosophy. The trade he pulled on draft day to get Calderon and Dalembert, 2 second round picks out of nowhere is creditworthy. In the process he got rid of Tyson who stopped performing a season ago and yet became a disruptive force in the locker room, and Raymond Felton who is a gone case.

He's still got a lot of work to do but these are steps in the right direction. Once he gets rid of Amare, Bargnani and couple other contracts, Knicks can hopefully get another big superstar next summer or the one after. In the meanwhile Amare and Bargnani will be much better this year if they can stay healthy. Even though Fisher will be the coach, Phil will be there to guide him. And we all know when it comes to coaching it doesn't get any better than Phil.
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