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Tigers_eye bhai...I agree with your MJ argument. Regarding Kobe vs. Lebron, while Lebron has the better game Kobe clearly has the sharper killer instinct.

Now regarding Magic vs Lebron, Magic is one of the greatest ballers of all time no doubt, and possibly the best ball handler ever, but it's still too early to tell who's superior between Magic and Lebron.

Lebron's stats read 27.5 ppg, 6.9 apg, 7.2 rpg
While Magic's read 19.5 ppg, 11.2 apg, 7.2 rpg

You can see Magic had 4 apg more while Lebron scores 8 ppg more. Regarding the field goal percentage differential, I don't think Magic's 52% is far superior to Lebron's 50%. Here's why-

Magic shot over 50% from the field in his first 8 seasons. In his last 5 he did that only once. Lebron on the other hand shot below 50% in his first 6 seasons. He's been shooting way over 50% in the last 5 (56.7% in 2013, 56.5% in 2012). Lebron also shoots the 3 ball (34%) much better than Magic (30%). So statistics show as a shooter Lebron has improved quite a bit since his first few years and in the last few years he has been shooting better than even the great Magic. Magic on the other hand was a better shooter early on but later in his career when he focused more on being a distributor his shooting percentages dipped.

If Lebron keeps going at this pace for 2-3 more years, ends up having a 17-18 year career and winning 2/3 more championships, it'll be a close call on who is greater. I personally feel when it's all said and done Lebron will be considered the better scorer while Magic being the better distributor of the ball.
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