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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
^ the Story is fine. Coming back home and all that. But as Dillu said already.... we all knew the core of Erving, Wiggins, and Bennet/Love is far more appealing than with Anthony in Phoenix, or "getting worse" Wade plus some role players. Had he signed with Miami, Bosh would have gone to Houston (88 Million - 4 years).
Phoenix Suns actually have a very good team. Under the tutelage of almost_COY_winner Jeff Hornacek they came very close to making the playoffs. They have a talented young roster and deep bench. Now that they've played a season together and developed tremendous team chemistry, as constructed, they're bound to make the playoffs as a lower seed next year. They also had enough cap space to sign one max salary player outright which would've catapulted them into the top half of the western conference.

As for Miami, with the big three opting out, if Bosh would've left, Carmelo would've signed and they'd still have enough cap space left to pay Wade and couple other good players.
Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
He is more like a Magic than his Airness. Thus he can't be the greatest. You must have the demeanor, the ruthless assasine to be the best. LeBron is too-goody-shoes like Magic. Doesn't want to offend anyone.
I agree on this part...he's more like Magic but a much better scorer than him. Like Magic he makes his team mates a lot better. Physically he is more gifted than MJ/Kobe and he has a better all round game than them. That said the way Kobe/MJ played you'd think they never believed they could lose. Lebron on the other hand shifts his game to a slightly lower gear when it becomes apparent that his team will lose.
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