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BDFlag Request to fans

We all understand how passionate Bangladesh fans are about their cricket team. This is in the same way the Barmy Army is about England, where Julien and me come from.

But the difference is that the Barmy Army does not boo and jeer their OWN players, only the opposition players. And this is important. NO FANS should ever boo or jeer their own players. The fans are a PART OF THE TEAM. Fans have a big role to play at the World Cup by being the extra player in the team.

I am certain that all fans expect the players and coaches to support each other. I am sure the fans expect the players and coaches to try their best. I am sure all fans expect when things go wrong, for the players and coaches to get behind each other.

We expect the fans to do the same.

So this is a request. Please can all bangladesh fans agree to support the whole squad whatever happens. Support Bangladesh regardless of whether they win easily or not. Shout and cheer for the Tigers even if the game is not going to plan. This really is the DUTY of every fan. Because REAL fans do not make the game harder by booing and jeering their own players.

The final thing to remember is that ONLY our players understand Bangla anyway. So the booing and jeering doesn't affect the opposition teams, only our own.

Let's take this chance at the 2011 World Cup to show the world that we have the world's best supporters. And that whatever happens the boys are national heros for fighting for our cause and trying to win the World Cup.

The players will be nervous and they will make mistakes. But they will be trying 100% and need your full support ESPECIALLY if things go wrong. This is the very time they need it most of all!

New Zealand squad said they felt intimidated by the atmosphere at Mirpur and the noise was crazy loud. This is what we want. This is our advantage. Shouting and screaming for every run we score, erupting and lifting the roof off for every wicket we take. And silence if it goes against us. The opposition will feel very unsettled. We should make them feel unsettled with noise and flags and cheering for our boys.

Everyone of you can play your part in this world cup. If you boo and jeer, you are not part of the effort to win the World Cup. So I sincerely hope that you can join us in trying to lift the trophy, because we are doing it for you guys! We want the fans to have fun and we want to have fun too.

Support us Bangladesh - all the way

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