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Default I have nothing further to say regarding Liszt

Excuse me, but how do you know if I do or do not know about music?

What I said about Liszt is generally accepted in the music world. Melodically and emotively, he was no genius. Let me explain something to you - technical difficulty/complexity does NOT equal to exquisite, emotionally challenging or even GREAT music. I REQUEST you to get that through your thick skull.

In fact, read any old Liszt vs Chopin debate and the same thing gets told over and over again, Liszt's music is generally NOT as beautiful as Chopin's. Liszt is unable to stir emotions 150 years on as Chopin can. Liszt's music alone (I am not talking about the influence he had on other composers), was unable to transcend the generation boundaries of audiences. The dude WAS popular when he was alive because he was so superfluous and flamboyant i.e. everything that an AVERAGE music buff was after in those days.

Some people enjoy listening to emotion stirring journeys, while others (like you), enjoy listening to technical studies (many of Liszt's pieces reminds me of the hours I spent doing scales) and super human feats. Seriously, as someone who has played the piano for a number of years, I found it much much more difficult to play emotive music that strikes a chord in the soul making it memorable than I did playing technically challenging pieces that impressed the neighbours...

Now I invite YOU to listen to an emotive piece, and look beyond the technical brilliance and mathematics of music. It is much more rewarding. I read once that Oscar Wilde or a similar character, said of Chopin's music, something along the lines of - after listening to Chopin's music I find myself crying over sins that I didn't commit and mourning tragedies that were not mine. Now, that my friend, is called emotive music.

As Nascer mentioned, pick any of his Nocturnes and you will not be disappointed.

BTW, I am by no means trying to denigrate Liszt. His music was pivotal. But saying that only uber-intellectual types can like Liszt is the most ludicrous thing I have heard. I know a lot of dumb people who enjoy loud banging music

PS: I apologise to Nascer for turning his thread into yet another fight fest But it is absolutely impossible to have a civil conversation with this punk.

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