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Look, there's no point arguing that I am brainier than you. It's ok. Let's not squabble over established facts.

But yes, I agree it's totally subjective. I can listen to Liszt and Rachmaninoff and marvel at their works days on end. In addition to being brilliant and unprecedented, their works evoke different feelings than your run of the mill "melody", not that I don't like pieces that are "melodic". But these composers take it to a different level, because of their playing prowess. And if you want to follow them as a listener, you too have to elevate your listening power to a different level.

The moment you bind yourself in meaningles boundaries like "too aggressive", "too mellow", etc., you forego the beauty that you might have experienced.

PS. I said nothing of Chopin.

PS2. I invite you to listen to "Un Sospiro" by Liszt. In silence. Then come back and tell me if that is not the most etheral, melodic piece of music you've ever heard.

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