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Liszt is not aurally pleasing? No melodies?

Blasphemy! To the gallows!

Liszt is not for the simple minded classical music listener who waits for a simplistic, catchy, melodic theme that repeats a certain number of times.

Liszt introduces layers of notes upon notes, variations in the layers of the same themes and variation of tempo within repeated themes. It's extremely beautiful once you take time to realize the brilliance that has gone into the composition.

It's brainy classical music.

And it's certainly not devoid of feelings. Watch the expressions on the face of Valentina Lisitsa, who played the piece. At times, she seems somber while playing dark, ominous tones. Other times, she almost caresses the keys to produce soft, warm tones. Then she goes berserk on some crazy interplay between the right and left hands. At times, she sports playful smirks, as the music itself lightens into a playful, woo-ish mood. Tension builds up as she flurries through a barrage of notes, then comes the release with big chords, immediately followed by the softest of key pressing. As if Liszt is playfully massaging the listener's auditory senses with nuanced strokes. Come on.

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