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Originally Posted by bujhee kom
This was my vote...."Kasa maro, dab-narkel paro." 1 2.22% ....

Miah apni poll-er thread khulechen kintu vote debar por karo naam dekha jai naa orokom ekti bhua poll khulechen, poll-ter 50% value instantly drop kore gechey, ei etogula posters vote dieche, kintoo ke ki dilo kichu bojha jacchey naa....

For instance, look at this..."Lungi? Skirts? So gayish!!" 1 2.22% ...who is this? one person voted, had to be a gay brother this one, or else wouldn't have said so! See, if you had an expose your name voting poll thread, we would have known by know, who is this nabalok person, simon, gopal, nadim, naimul, ajfar, purbasha or orpheus? Or diluruba?
accha taile kacha maro nodite jhapao ei vote ke dilo? :p

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