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Default About Diets

I was channel surfing when I came upon a documentary about different diets on PBS, Channel 13. They were talking about the Akins diet so I decided to watch a little. What I learnt did surprise me. You can watch the program at the following link.

Among other things, it addresses the obesity epidemic in American but also brings to light the fact that obesity is spreading to other parts of the world, why that is so, and why individuals and govenments should be concerned.

The documentary also unveils the myth about "fat free" and "low carb" products that are out there in the market.

If you are concerned about eathing healthy then I would highly encourage you to watch it. If you are not, I would suggest you watch it anyway as what you eat will likely affect your kids, no matter where you live. It does put an end to debate on whether the Akins diet helps you lose weight and if it is good for you.
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