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Originally Posted by deshprem
there's going to be a massive fall in the S&P soon. better be on the ride side.
Why? Market is undervalued I think. I think 2013 will be great year. S&P rode out despite apple failure which greatly weigns in sp. I made a mistake of selling early, it was a stretegic move, i thought sequester talk couple of months prior to the date would have some market reaction but it didn't, market riding on good data. I lost out on potentially huge gain on that decision.

The only problem I see is the current market psyche. "Fear" is not there in the market anymore. I have been telling my brother to invest in stock market since late 2009/early 2010. Everyone had fear, he didn't listen to me, brushed me aside... fast forward close to 4 years, he tells me the other day, market will be up for 2013, that's when I was a bit worried. Your regular joe wants to jump in. When everyone thinks positive, opposite will happen eventually - as too many ppl will bring money from side and falsely give rally..

I don't know about massive sell off in market soon though....based on what?? Data looks good.
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