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Originally Posted by Zeeshan
Some call it enlightenment. Some shift in thinking. Many times psilocybin induced, while monks get it from deep meditation with years of trials even while even so some in sudden realization either through shock or bereavement. Some call it the light switch, some find it in form of NDE etcetera.

I am very much interested in your subjective experience. The avenue can be anything... and maybe I will get to share mine. I used to have some experience everyday when I used to try cannabis but I quit that so I don't get those anymore.

Basically what's your cosmic joke moment.
Are you like a professor or something, you remind me of my professor, who is explaining me the laws of permutations and Combinations in Alpha Numeric Passwords

I would`nt be suprised if you have a PhD , every post I read from you is like a philosophical statement
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