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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
Clippers situation. Magic and Donald Sterling has a past history. Now it seems like Magic may become he enw owner of clippers. lol.
Karim abdul jabbar written a nice article on time magazine, very level head.. said he wouldn't like sterling owning a franchise and that the reaction like this should have been there before.... and that the gf should be jailed for invasion of privacy instead of getting future tv deals....

Magic Johnson wants to be a owner but that doesn't mean he will, it seems like a "good idea" now because he is black and this is making out to be a race game...

It seems sterling can not legally be forced to sell the team but I think he may because Clippers + him as the owner = loss of money. Clippers + a different owner = >1 billion dollar valuation. I don't think magic johnson should own it. I think it needs to be a neutral person who is not involved in this controversy....i think there needs to be bidding war to get the team.... I don't think there should be any preference to the color of the skin on who owns the team....

From stirling pov, he didn't say anything criminal.... his gibberish is not fit for public listening....There are unfortunatley many people who feel that way, and you can not change that over night... there has been progression however, not enough. I don't think he can redeem himself out of this one unless he does something extraordinary that will actually make ppl think he is truly sorry.. blame his family, take all of them out of his inheritence and donate half of the team to the charity.. rest of the his wealth to the charity after his death.....

CHarity should cater toward minority and ending racism...

the end.

But ofcourse he probably doesn't have that big "atta"
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