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Originally posted by fab
PS: Nasif, you're not fat but you went on the Atkins diet for four weeks? :duh:
yes fab. As I said, I wanted to test the validity of the atkin's claim. With less than 20grams of carbs a day, body goes into fat burning. I had to test it out to see if it really worked. As it turns out, it works. I don't mind being a test subject

But as you said, to keep off the loss from atkins, you have to watch carb after your initial loss. If you go back to your usual "bhate" bangali style, you will regain the lost wait in no time. I lost 10+ pounds in around 4 weeks. After I stopped it, I got that 10 pounds back in next 4 weeks. (I am a "daal bhat" guy, love my carbs)
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