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We3 used to be on the top 4 in the 80's when there were barely 4/8 teams playing. Then Malaysia jumped past us and by late 00s, Japan, China and Singapore decided to take the game seriously. Now, our senior team is lucky if they can manage a sixth spot in asia. Also, notice that sri lanka is also trying to take us over. If this keeps up, we'll be out of the top 10 in no time.

We can't be competitive in hockey with only 2 turfs to play on. it's just not possible. Hockey doesn't make much money either and name one famous household hockey player in BD. Well, we and I can prolly name a few but what about the rest of bangladesh ? There just isn't any interest in the game.

One thing that the feds can do is prolly have international hockey matches shown on TV, have regular hockey tournaments all over the country. Have a national hockey league and show delayed coverage on tv. Have schools setup in the divisions and have them compete in India/Malaysia/Pakistan. There's lot that can be tried. They can't do that for football, i wonder if they can pull it off for hockey.
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