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Originally Posted by Cats_eye
You are absolutely correct. That's why in BBC's visiting fans know nothing. Otherwise how come in their player performance rating Klose is leading by .2 ? Can in one match Fabio close that gap? I doubt it.
BBC fans are a very fickle lot. Often their ratings are based on emotion (i can see that some people here would vote 10/10 everytime a Brazilian player played )

Klose scored 5 goals against mediocre opposition. Cannavaro on the other hand shut down Shevchenko, Klose, the Aussies, The strong Ghana attack and also the Czech republic. He has played with 3 or 4 partners but has always shone .

General tendency is to rush and vote 10 for Klose when you see him score twice. However, the same people will think twice before voting even 8 or 9 for a defender no matter how well he played.

I am pretty sure it will be Cannavaro who wins the FIFA award unless Zidane or Henry put in an exceptional eprformance in the final.