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Originally Posted by bujhee kom
Another thing I have been thinking a lot lately is a specific contradiction in western religions, again among the big three.
That Satan/the Devil is a fallen angel, when in one hand, priest/Imams/Rabbis will tell me that angels are superior to human in strength and glamour, but humans/mortals are more glorious because we humans have a conscience and we have to power to 'Choose'! and the angels cannot , they just follow the Lord's orders and wishes. And again at the same time Lucifer/Iblish was a super angel and extremely dedicate dto his creator but later disobeyed God/Allah Subhanatala and had been cast out of heaven (?) and be renamed as Satan/Iblish.

I think the problem is in the misinterpretation/idea that Angels do not posses the power/ability (!) to choose, think for themselves and disobey or challenge the wishes of our Lord. I am having hard time comprehending the Gabriel or Israfeel cannot choose or identify between good and evil, right and wrong. I think angels can and will be judged by the Lord on the final judgement day. And I started to believe that both angels and mortals can choose and identify between good and evil...Except for humans, the mortals being physically so weak, and short living (next to the millions of years living angels) can
a. Create beautiful things
b. Write beautiful poetry
c. Imagine beauty
d. Has desire
e. Has feelings and emotions
just like our Creator, our Lord Himself. That is why we are ultimately superior.

Otherwise, with all that power and money no object, can fly anywhere within a blink of an eye, screw with anyone's (mortal/humans) mind - how come Satan, the Iblish looks so
a. Ugly,
b. Stinks
c. Lives underground (I know an imagination of ours, but still) in a fire-pit
d. Eats rotten flesh and vile
Satan was not an angel, he was from the Jinn. If you read on how he achieved a high rank you will get your answer. Jinns like Humans have choice to obey or disobey! They’re given the quality to differentiate between right and wrong. They were sent guidance like us humans.

If I remember correctly, I heard some scholars say that when the angels were living on the earth, they kept on doing the right thing, praising/worshipped God etc. They were made noble, hence didn’t make any sins like humans/jinns. God took them up. He preferred us human over them, because he loves it when a human repents, ask forgiveness etc when they realise their mistake/sin. He gave us freedom to choose. Hence when we use our freedom to chose the good, he becomes very happy.

In the Quran, there’s a Surah that talks about how the Angels said to God, Will you make humans that will shed blood on the earth etc when we praise you all the time? On that God became upset, and said they don’t know what God knows. You can read about it, also read the Tafsir about human creation. Hope it helps.
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