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My Dearest Bondhu Gopal,

A tremendous one came to me last night.
The end of Earth (destruction) and the human race as we know on the basis of all western Abrahamic religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Then the final judgement day and the weight of the sentences for all humans ever walked on earth 'since' the holy books were sent by God as a blessing rules of guidance for His creations with conscience.

We people are minuscule, each one of us is not even a spec of a dust in the context of the known universe and the physical beyond (we know it exists). We doubt of other lifeforms in this endless universe of trillions trillions of planets, solar systems, and stars. We minuscule little blob of walking fluids think we understand God and God is always busy with us. He has only us on his super mind. We doubt evolution and science and logic and rational because we justify by painting God/Allah through our own brush and paint on our own canvas.

This is what I realized. Allah stated the earth will end (He meant it will end up being a dead planet, the resource will dry out).
The human body expires but the conscience/memory will exist. And the difference between a good soul and a bad one is the bad one suffers eternally, on earth while living and beyond, and the clean good spirit reaches nirvana/eternal ecstasy due to his/her own action conscience here on earth and beyond. Therefore, Allah Subhanatala's clear warning for His final judgement for all beings with conscience (humans) and the reward or the punishment . Heaven or Hell. This heaven(s) or this hell(s) are not physical places as the soul/spirit/mind that is forever intact floating does not need a physical place to chill or suffer after the judgement day. The experience of heaven or hell is a state of mind and it will manifest as the soul/mind/spirit once acted.

I realize Allah is beyond my/our comprehension. Because we are minuscule and insignificant. But I sense this, Allah Subhanatala, my/our Lord is infinite, eternal, shapeless, sexless and nothing but the ultimate divine conscience of everything known and 'unknown' to us all.

I realized Allah created everything and all - from his thoughts of divine imagination. He created both good and evil. I used to be afraid of evil, demons, terrorists, satan/Iblis, Lucifer, the dark, fire, nukes, getting burned alive etc. but I fear no more, because I simply now realized Allah created all of them, all evil and all thing that is pristine. Thus I fear no evil no more - All praise goes to my Lord, Allah Rahman-ur Rahim.

I had been thinking a for a few months now, after the earth will go dead, no life form on it anymore, and the human race is gone, judgement day is over - Is Allah going to get bored? and I realized that no way, that Allah has all His concentration on this race called humans and this mere tiny planet and all the rest of universe, which He created, has nothing to offer for Him? God is endless and He has many other creations and games going on other than this GOP/Democrat/AL/Jamaat/Madam/ISOL/Hitler/Butler/Bruce Lee dump of a place that we all sweating and fighting over 24/7.

Allah is going to continue and always will - Forever, after our sorry selves are gone,once our history is forgotten, as He is an endless, shapeless, formless conscience. He will continue with many other intelligent forms in the universe. We humans are nothing. The Lord does not owe us nothing, and He does not have to tell us everything. We may very well be just a small single snap of a slide show in an intermission of a long never ending movie produced, directed and edited by our Lord, Allah Subhanatala. I now totally believe that 'aliens' , extra-terrestrial life forms MUST exist and they all are also praying to Allah, my Lord.

It is getting kind of long. My final understanding is Allah developed humans through evolution and because Allah is the master scientist. God and His divine spiritual, metaphysical existence is science - They are same. That is why some of us humans are artists, some are scientists (this inner desire/prone to lean toward that specific knowledge and skill or having some gift from birth is simply because we are created by Him, and sometimes, if and when we are lucky, tiny reflections of His artistic self show up in us.
God bless Ingrid Newkirk, Dianne Feinstein, Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand, Elizabeth Warren & Mitch Landrieu!

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