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Originally Posted by Roy_1
I couldn't help but ask would your response be the same if some Indian said the same thing? Sehwag gets so much hate from Bangladeshis for saying something similar years ago when your team was really poor by every possible indicator (No offence).

PS:I don't mean to derail this thread or anything, just curious to know what your response would be.
different circumstances, moner obosta 2 rokom.

shewag said it before the series.tokhon moner obosta= "series khelbo, hoping for a good fight, oi! ki koy aisob shewag, fatay lamu amar des re aida koilo"

faf jokhon bolse tokhon moner obosta= "absolute heda khelse amar,dhuro..valo bosle faf ja bolse, ai modon gulare aitai bola dorkar"

I hope you get the reaction wasn't based on indian or saffer

if we played against India and lost the way we lost(90/10) and kholi said the same as faf I would react the same
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