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Originally Posted by tonoy
Bruh, I'm never selling my Tesla! This is generational wealth Baby! LEAPS printed nicely this season. I've converted them now to pure stocks. I'm telling you Tesla is now what AAPL was back in 2006. Get in on the train. CHOO CHOO!
That's impressive that you held. I didn't think you would be able to with that recent mini dip/crash with tesla. Congrats!

having said that your bullishness is out of this world. Aapl gained 50x from 2006 - if tesla is what apple was in 2006 - in 15 years. tesla would be a 60 trillion dollars company. That's just not gonna happen. you can mark this post.

btw i own about 20 shares of tesla and keeping them for wild factor for now.
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