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These flash crashes are bullshit. Looks more corrective than panicky. Market supposed to react in anticipation of news, this time the flash crash was after an expected news came. Nothing happened to any solid stocks. When everyone is panicky and looks for the exit, that's a good entry point going against wave. When everyone has money in the side, waiting to get in despite 500 points crash I would say market is pretty stable. Nothing really changed in last 6 months. Dow is gonna trade in the 11000 and 13000 range. So yeah I would say it's a good entry point with some low and slow profit. But if down crack below 11000 or whatever support level, I would hold on till fear sweeps across the board affecting good stock like aapl amzn goog isrg etc.

I have been all cash for last 6 months now so I prefer some more crash and fear in wall st. I might buy msft in the low 20s as a conservative play.

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