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Originally Posted by goru
So... why did Microsoft buy Skype?
Because Microsoft still thinks they are in the playing field of cutting edge technology. They have been losing money in all their pet projects and losing windows market share day by day to mac and others.

I remember in one of Bill gates interview, how he mentioned "tablet PC" was it and that it would revolutionize how we do things. He got it right on the money but it was apple that had the right application to "revolutionize" the market. Windows tablet has been a failure forever.

The real growth in communication/information technology is currently in mobile devices. And it's embarrassing that Microsoft being a software company is lagging here... and playing catch up. Even google is kicking their *** with android. This is just another move of that catch up playing.

Microsoft will be one of the worst performing stock this year. The only way it will go up is if overall market drags it upward.
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