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Originally Posted by Night_wolf
different circumstances, moner obosta 2 rokom.

shewag said it before the series.tokhon moner obosta= "series khelbo, hoping for a good fight, oi! ki koy aisob shewag, fatay lamu amar des re aida koilo"

faf jokhon bolse tokhon moner obosta= "absolute heda khelse amar,dhuro..valo bosle faf ja bolse, ai modon gulare aitai bola dorkar"

I hope you get the reaction wasn't based on indian or saffer

if we played against India and lost the way we lost(90/10) and kholi said the same as faf I would react the same
Lol ha ha

This is why I quoted you in the first place, I may not agree with you all the time but still I know I can always bank on you for an honest reply.
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