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The following impression is based on a dream I had two nights ago. Some things to consider would be the fact that I am not an Islamic scholar, or a practitioner of Islam and the following is an entirely my interpretation of a particular Islamic thought.

In California a surefire way to identify a Muslim driver would often be from a tell-tale bumper sticker: "Worship the Creator, not the creation." A central and vociferous tenet would be the avoidance of anything that has to do with idol worshiping. I am not an Islamic guru, pun intended which again sounds like pun-dit... [rimshot] okay, but I always found it bewildering, incongruent and puzzling if someone like Mohammad - I will refrain from PBUH because then the following agents who will promptly be introduced will also be entitled to that suffix- ...someone like Mohammad reached a higher level of consciousness, akin to Christ, Jesus or Buddha, why would Islamic teaching be so adamantly against worshiping of idols or false gods.

I mean shouldn't a person of Krsna consciousness or Christ consciousness with Bob Marleysque 'One Love' mantra be all-inclusive, all-loving, compassionate, filled with wisdom, empathy and understanding for all...? This always bothered me and the fact that Muslims shunned the pagan religion, made me shun Islam with fervent aversion.

[Of course, I am putting my own labels and preconceived notions and assumptions.]

And surprisingly when taking college course of Anthropology, Ceramic Arts History, Archaeology... pagan religion and shamanism with bent on magic was NOT the aberration rather the NORM. Then ignited an all-launch crusade to oust them.

Hindus also worship idols but for those who have delved sufficiently in it realize it is just a manifestation of avatars of various gods. " “How many gods are there, Yajnavalkya?” asked Sakalay. Three, thirty three, thirty-three crore, thirty-three million. Take your pick. And so the popular myth goes...

Buddhists on the other hand, again similar to Hindus' concept of Maya, do believe that our self is just an illusion, and everyone has Buddha nature and once you 'kill the ego' the true, real nature of human Self (Atman in Hinduism) emerges. And just Hindus believe the central self of humans is brahman tracing to Atman, Buddhists also talk of the core self as Buddha. Also Buddhism embraces paradoxical thought is 'Everything is Contained in One, and Nothing is Contained in Everything...' and thus.

Now the dream I had was rather disturbing one. Another disclaimer would be to take overall atmosphere, room temperature, air hygiene, previous state of mind into consideration before making any judgment.

I won't narrate the full dream, but a part of it showed a bust, which upon shattering, I kind of had a flash of insight. I started bursting into tears in dream and woke up with heavy breathing.

I kept saying something in the line of 'real you/me lives with compassion, grace, dignity, and humility...' and so on and on and everyone deserves that same treatment.

What later I believed happened, was ego was unmasked. Do look up ego dissolution if you want. But basically the theory is...

Your ego is made up of a distinct personality, a reflection of who you are, as perceived by you, as programmed by your parents, authority like school, teachers, church, mosque, islamic clerics building an image or an ILLUSION of you. This you is not the real You. Your conception of yourself is just an illusion. It is the stories that you keep telling yourself. Suppose someone cut you in traffic you will be huffing and puffing and cursing him, questioning whether he did it intentionally cuz you look like Kumar, etcetera, when from a detached neutral perspective, say from God or an Absolute focal point, nothing really happened and all you have been doing is just telling yourself a story, when in fact the very man who cut you off, just moved on and it was just that... Yet you are still somehow justifying it with your inner critic or inner Woody Allen.

A way to identify your ego would be during meditation when you observe all your thoughts. Where do these thoughts come from? Whose assumptions are these? Moreso, WHOSE voice is this? In many cases, somehow, it should be either of your parents, albeit the more authoritative one, or the one who left a more indelible impression upon your conscience.

But in rare cases - for me it happened during evening walks a few times when mind cleared its fog - you clean the clutter or the mess in your head and you realize your true nature which is unbelievably wise, compassionate -if indeed we are hell-bent on putting terms-...but in reality it is NOTHING. It just is.

For instance, suppose a truck is incoming. If we tell your real personality is very polite and law abiding that is wrong. If we label your real Self as reckless, aggressive and endangering, that would be wrong as well. What would be the real you as revealed by the oncoming truck in your lane? Well at that instant, your real You would take over in danger moment, and you may find yourself breaking the rule and heading to the 'wrong lane' which is empty thus breaking the rule. At that instant, you became a law breaker. But the real you is neither. It just had to react that way just in that situation. Again to put a label of you being reckless, or aggressive all the time would be another 'trap' (so-called).. The real You is basically Nothing.

So the penny dropped when the bust shattered and immediately I had my catharsis. The ego was unmasked.

Assume g is god, and G is God.
Let 'god' (idols) = the small, ego or the personality you identify with.
Let 'God' = the real You or your Self.

If the false god breaks, the g immediately transforms into G.

Now once the false image or false idol breaks, or shatters, what happens? Nothing. It just reveals emptiness. Also not quite.

It reveals the entirety.

Do you now get the point behind Buddhists' paradoxical assertions?

Several things may be clarified culminating to this climax with a simple equation.

A. The bust in the dream was just a metaphor or personification of ego.
B. Once the bust shattered, or so did ego, and thus the real Self was revealed which Eastern mystics would say as boundless, or like limitless ocean.
C. Note, indeed infinity was 'revealed' from the 'atom' of the bust, because emptiness is nothing and everything in one.

And finally,

D. This may be the greatest philosophical legerdemain from Mohammad. When he through revelation from angel insisted not to worship the false god, or false image, this is what he literally may have meant, ie not in the literal sense to denounce all idol worshipers, but that not be attached with the false personality that has been brewing all along in the form your inner critic or voice of your perceived self via the stories you kept hankering on and telling yourself on and on and on...

If you accept this then all seemingly problems do dissolve. That Mohammad could be very well reached that all-inclusive, all-encompassing state-of-mind and that true teachings of Islam may not be just a cosmetic eye candy of shunning of idols or idol worshiper, rather not to put so much value on the false personality who you think you are ie... finite, poor-little-me who is not honest, not boundless, not emotionally stable, not wise, not intelligent, miserly, stingy, slandering, backbiting, negative, jealous etc.

Guess, the real nature of our self is that of a soul or spirit where the Mind simply is. It is neither good or bad. Neti, neti...

It is a pity that his message or core tenet has just been lost in translation over the years.
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