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What's your WHY? What makes you get up in the morning ever day? Japanese have a term called ikigai. But on a greater context what is it? Note not what you do, but WHY you do what you do.

More useful links:

(In this video I like the fact the speaker relates that your WHY should be so great, that they have to pull you out of a stretcher before you quit.)

Simon Sinek. Expert on WHY

Interesting Questionnaire

I used to think prestige, fame and money. Bangladesh cricket or to make a name as an author for cricket.

One my saddest realization came was I used to drop off my mom at UCI for medical checkup and leave. One day I came back to pick her up, and I was shocked to see, she was referred to Senior Center. I felt gutted. How time flies away... Ever since that day, I was always with her and didn't really leave her and get away for a drive. I felt like a failure, how I let my mom down at 34 having achieved nothing...

So as much as an egoistical bastard that I am, I do think my greatest WHY actually transcends ingratiation for ego, prestige, fame and wealth. A component is to make mom proud, but to make her proud in my own way. (Last thing I want is to see her pass away seeing me a total loser and a bum.) I mean she'd probably feel proud if I go to school, get an average job, get married and be an average joe blow. But I want to do it my way too. So I am a bit confused as well.

I mention this, because today I gave a goal of an entire day to find my WHY. I know it's an easy day and may seem overkill to spend an entire day over it...but Lincoln said, "If you give me 6 hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend 4 hours sharping my axe."

I KNOW in my heart of hearts WHAT to do, but not WHY I should do it. I mean it's glitzy and all that, but what happens when it becomes s***kill to plough a single step forth? Sometimes until s*** hits the fan IE people getting served with a terminal disease like cancer, most don't find the WHY.

The day is still half-away, so eventually I will hit on my WHY. I think Bangladeshi cricketers need to find the WHY. Why they do what they do? For kicks? For applause, for brownie points? To get laid? To get money, to pay bills?

And "Ami shahrukher moton hote chai is not a f*****in answer."

Sorry I spilled a lot of my personal thoughts.
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