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Originally Posted by R0ssei
Can't stand RM as they have too many star players at almost every position and any sane person cannot like what Ramos, Pepe (ex) and sometimes Casemiro do in the field . And Ramos is considered one of the greatest defenders .
You can't stand RM because they have too many star players? What's wrong with supporting a team filled with star players? And same could be said about players like Luis Suarez, Dani Alves, Jordi Alba, Victor Valdes etc and they play/played for Barcelona. It's all about perspective. It's easy to pick faults of your neighbor than look at your own backyard.

As for Ramos, he might not be the greatest defender but he is one of the greatest easily for his defensive skills alone. That is why he features in all best defenders list every year because they look at his defensive skills, not his antics. Perhaps you need to look at things objectively.
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