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Originally Posted by SportingBD
Can't stop laughing @ Mauryan.

Bench Boost? hahahhahahahhaha....

And countinho and lanzini injured hahahaha... goodness..
I didnt get the tactics either...

Anyways I have been playing fantasy for a while,
Here are my few tips based on the point system for the rookies

1. Try NOT to play the wildcard before End of November. People usually use it after 2 weeks only!! If you need multi transfers, wait 2-3 weeks and make them at a go. In the long run that is more useful. You will need wildcard when players will get injured.

2. Use "triple captain" during the last few weeks of the season. Teams than usually have more than 2 games a week. You have more opportunity than. Dont use early

3. Pick the defenders wisely. You can either go with 3 r 4 wing backs specially the ones that would give u assist. Remember assist and goals from defenders count a lot more than midf and strikers. OR you can also choose defenders from a team that has most clean sheets. Thats easy point. Last year Tottenham defenders scored a lot because of that. If a defender is a potent goal scorer from set pieces (eg Ramos or Van Dijk) than he is a must.
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