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Bangla (Bengali) Unicode Support in Windows Vista

If you are using Windows Vista, then you don't have to complete Part A. Vista comes with Bangla Unicode support. Just continue to next step of installing fonts.

A. Add Bangla (Bengali) Unicode Support in Windows XP

Note: Click here for Windows 2000 Bangla Unicde instruction

  1. Go to Windows Control Panel. If you do not know where/what is control panel, just open My Computer then type control panel and hit enter.

  2. In Control Panel, depending on your view setting of the control panel, you may see Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options OR Regional and Language Options. Follow directions below depending on what you see.

    If you see Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options then select it. On the next window you will see Regional and Language Options; select this.
    (skip the other description in this part)

    If you see the Regional and Language Options then select it.

  3. Click on Languages tab from the displayed window.

  4. Select the option Install files for complex script and right-to-left languages (including Thai)

  5. Click Ok on the pop up window.

  6. Click Ok on the bottom of displayed window.

  7. Windows may ask you to insert Windows XP CD. Click Ok.

  8. Insert your Windows XP CD or Browse to your Windows XP installation source location. Once you identified the location, click on Ok.

  9. Wait for Windows to finish installing all files.

  10. Windows will ask you to restart your computer. Click Yes.

You have completed installing Bangla support for Windows. At this point your browser should display Bangla text properly, although fonts may not look appropriate.

Please continue to next part to add Bangla fonts and proper browser support to your system.

Add Bangla Unicode in Windows 2000

  • Go to Control Panel and select Regional Options
  • On General tab, select Indic from Language settings for the system box.
  • Click OK and restart your system.

Windows 2000 screen shot source: OmicronLab.com



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