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About less than 3 days to go till the World Champions India face off the Asia Cup hosts Bangladesh. Sachin Tendulkar will try to imprint his 100th century, while Mahmudullah will look forward for his first ODI century ever. Zeeshan digs the stats toolbox this time for a head to head comparison between the two teams.

Bangladesh-India vis-à-vis preview (Asia Cup 2012)

Published: 14th March, 2012



Race to Hundred: Sachin vs Mahmudullah

About less than 3 days to go till World Champions India face off the Asia Cup hosts Bangladesh. Sachin Tendulkar will try to imprint his 100th century, while Mahmudullah -the one who owned India several times- will look forward for his first century ever (ODI that is). It may be worthwhile to look at a statistical head-to-head comparison between the two teams.


Mahmudullah averages 67.66 against India, highest by a Bangladeshi

Mahmudullah averages 67.66 against India,
highest by a Bangladeshi

The Stats

Overall figures

Bangladesh played 23 matches since 1988 out of which won 2 and lost 21 with a W/L of 0.09 and average of around 24 runs. Their highest score was 296 while lowest being 76.

Highest Team Score
India: 370
Bangladesh: 296

Lowest Team Score
India: 191
Bangladesh: 76

Highest score vs opponent
India: Virender Sehwag 175
Bangladesh: Alok Kapali 115, among the current squad it is Shakib-al-Hasan's 85

Highest average vs opponent
India: Suresh Raina (Infinity) while realistically Virat Kohli from the current squad with 152.00
Bangladesh: Mahmudullah 67.66

Hundreds vs Opponent
India: 10
Bangladesh: 1

India: 26
Bangladesh: 24

Strike Rate
India: 84.15
Bangladesh: 64.23

Batting average vs opponent
India: 44.29
Bangladesh: 21.97

Runs vs opponent
India: 4784
Bangladesh: 4198

Wickets taken against opponent
India: 171
Bangladesh: 100

Best Bowling in an Innings
India: 5/23
Bangladesh: 4/38

Bowling Average vs opponent
India: 26.42
Bangladesh: 49.87

Catches taken against opponent
Bangladesh: 63

Stumping opponent
India: 7
Bangladesh: 4

Overall survival by minutes against opponent
India: 6965+
Bangladesh: 7774+

Balls faced
India: 5685
Bangladesh: 6535

Relevant sources courtesy of ESPNCricinfo
Statsguru: 1 1A 1B 2 2A 2B

Points to Consider

  • Eyeballing the stats above shows there are major areas where development is needed such as the following:
  • Bangladesh only has 1 hundred while India has 10. This is clear akaash-pataal difference between the two where the team who builds a solid partnership emerges with an upperhand.
  • Fifties are about neck-to-neck between the two. So yes, Bangladesh have managed to score some block or chunk of runs but never really followed through for bigger innings as mentioned in the point above.
  • Strike rate. It's not about just staying and batting there for long, which Bangladesh have done more than their counterpart (a better question would be to ask how and why) but also about scoring quickly. 'Rotation!' 'Rotation!' 'Rotation!' should be drilled in Bangladeshis head like japmala utterances.
  • Finally, it's the woeful batting averages that should be of Bangladeshis concern. Again it is another akaash-pataal difference in a department where the Indians double the one of Tigers'.
  • Additionally, Tamim Iqbal, who recently got his half-century, will be keen on to look for a bigger innings, while Nasir and Riyad will be other key players to keep an eye on - that is hoping Shakib does not have to come and bail out the team again for the umpteenth time.

Rx for Bangladesh

The prescription is clear: Play out the full overs regardless of batting first or second. Develop partnership and maintain strike rotation. Avoid aerial routes while picking gaps surgically. Strike early. Create opportunities for wickets instead of waiting for one to open up. Vary bowling deliveries (even a full-toss can trouble Tendulkar) instead of being predictable. Be disciplined on the field just like the first match. At the end of the day, if all the basics are check-marked perhaps the whole 170 odd million of die hard supporters would live to see...



About the author(s): Having graced the forum behind the dramatis personae of Gopal Bhar, Zeeshan now chiefly lurks here for nearby free iftar locations ie when not contemplating about Gödel, Escher and Bach or other meta-mathematical themes. He is also the author of "Collected Writings on Cricket".


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