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Our deliciously deviant Zeeshan plays the role of ringmaster and regales the visitors from Albion with a rollicking introduction to the show about to start under the Big Top. So hand in your ducats to the ducat grabber, set yourself down on the star backs and get a rundown on the Zanies. Yes, a player preview with a difference.

Welcome to the Circus Act!

Published: 23rd February, 2010


Hulloh! Calling all my fellow Englishmen, greenhorn and alderman, from yokels 'n bumpins to flue-flakers 'n Parish prig...Welcome to the Circus Act! Forget the Piccadilly Circus, grab yur fish`n chips, roll down yur hackney, put'on yur hock-dockeys `cuz circus is in town. Yesssirree Bob...and Jack. We got a circus full of act with jack-pudding 'n merry andrews awaiting to pull the biggest gag you yet to ever have.

Circus Act

First I present you with a lad. Oh what's so special about him you say? Ay. He is a prodigy. Prodigy, hein? Oh, he aint not just your ordinary boy genius! Oh no, no! Forget your Hampdenshire Wonder or the Lubeck prodigy. This one here scored a test century at the youngest age. Ay that's right. Look more into the mirror. Image in the mirror shows the past of a man who is now wayy past his puberty having his many shares of last laughs behind the tears of a clown.

Next I present you not just any ordinary stilt-walker, ay, but a man of such towering heights that he is the only man of his kind (and one of the top ten in the world) to reach the height of 150 mark with his towering sixes that makes Big Ben look like a monopoly house. Tell yu what bloke here capable of setting the Thames on fire on any given day. Pour in the shillings....pence two pence aye fill up my pewter....cuz now I bring you..

Mr.Jack-of-all-Trades. At about 1.7 meters , weighing roughly 10 stones or 4.6 slugs behind the joker's white makeup, always smiling, often dubbed as the Smiling Assassin, this man is not only is a jack-of-all-trades but sure is master of many. He is given the title for being the best at what he does by honorific Committee. He is number one all-rounder, #3 ODI bowler, #3 Test all-rounder. What more talent can you ask from a man? He is a puppeteer pulling the strings of the team, a ventriloquist who is the voice of Bd cricket, a silent mime who is louder in action. Now one helluva talented pierrot!

Arightie nib-cove...that oughta be enough for 'ntatainment, ey? But hold on! We got more, we have two Loki like trixsters who can pull magic tricks out of their hats, so that gives you five already. Who are they you say? Ay they go by the name "Aloukik" and "Raj." Yup, these two 'ere 'ill have ya in yar knickerbockers by performing vanishing act of yar wickets three-in-a-row on any given day...

Now then we already got five of a kind, I produce you two more in one breath. One is one of handful of fastest slinger alive, who can shoot faster than a man in cannonball, who is an express delivery man and the other wildcard is one of the handful of five who scored six sixes in six balls. Yclept Chokka Naeem 'dis devil...nah 'dis gremlin 'ere rolls on the very wheel of death.

Hulloh! What do we have there? Two stubborn fellas. Ay. I unveil Mr. Old Keebler. Mr. Old Keebler has been dubbed the chatterbox cuz of his non-stopping chatter. Mr Keeble here who sits on his knees most of his days and is a part time juggler who will drop anythin but a mug full of rumsy. He is know for his fastest maiden test century against the #1 side now. And a man just like him, who has been dubbed as Bangladesh's Peter Pan is.... Mohammad Mahmadulluh, a harlequin whose forte always seems to be when no one seems to be doing their act, he comes at the last minute and saves the nation, with tons or semi-tons out of thin air. Imagine him doing a balance act of seven men above him, an atlas who carries a load of collapse over his shoulder, he literally puts the map on Bangladesh.

As the acrobats followed by Zunaed, Kayes, Nafees comes, I produce one of a kind part-time hand-balancer, who can beat the strongest of lads in one-handed pushup, billed as one of the best new ball bowlers, not a unicyclist but an express train, who is worth a whoppin 600k....Com'un! Com'un...for two fortnights only, rain or shine, I present you with one of a kinda circus with breads for munchin'...'urry ma booboisies..'urry!...

Forget Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, you are about to see the greatest show in the world!


About the author(s): Having graced the forum behind the dramatis personae of Gopal Bhar, Zeeshan now chiefly lurks here for nearby free iftar locations ie when not contemplating about Gödel, Escher and Bach or other meta-mathematical themes. He is also the author of "Collected Writings on Cricket".


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