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Bangladesh-New Zealand Test Series Postmortem: Rating the players (2004)

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The first Test was finished within 4 days and New Zealand won by an innings and 99 runs. We fans thought that this was a poor performance at first, but then our players came out and produced an innings and 101 run defeat. I will rate each player?s performance during this series.

Bangladesh-New Zealand Test Series Postmortem: Rating the players

Published: 29th October, 2004


The first Test was finished within 4 days and New Zealand won by an innings and 99 runs. We fans thought that this was a poor performance at first, but then our players came out and produced an innings and 101 run defeat. I will rate each player?s performance during this series.

Javed Omar:
Scores 1, 14, 58 and 1. 74 runs at 18.5

His 58 in the first innings saved him from a humiliating series for such a senior player. This score came at a needy time when Bangladesh was reeling in the first innings of the second Test. It would eventually not inspire any of the players to perform well. His first Test was poor and was not what is expected from such a senior player.

Rating 5/10

Hanan Sarkar:
Scores 0 and 1. 1 run at 0.5

Well his average speaks for itself. He got dropped for it and won?t be in the team for a long time. He will need to go back into the domestic league and find his place in Bangladesh cricket. A poor performance like this is not what is required of a struggling team like Bangladesh.

Rating 0/10

Nafis Iqbal:
Scores 1, 49, 13 and 9. 62 runs at 15.5

Did all right since he is a 19 year old and had his debut Test during the series. His innings of 49 in the second innings was his greaTest knock. It was a shame that in the second Test after he was out there for a long time he could not go on with his score. He will continue to improve on this as he gains experience. He should be a permanent fixture for some time after this series.

Rating 6/10

Rajin Saleh:
Scores 41, 0, 2 and 35. 78 runs at 19.5
Bowled 20 overs, 1-85 at 85.

Makes starts but never goes on to make a huge score. Was a good change up of spin direction from Rafique and Enamul in the 2nd Test. How many times has he gotten out in the 40s or 30s? Doesn?t go on to score at least a 50 when he is needed to. Needs to start performing well as he is becoming one of the senior members of the team at 20 (almost 21) and only playing 10 Tests.

Rating 5/10

Mohammad Ashraful:
Scores 67, 26, 0 and 0. 93 runs at 23.25
Bowled 2 overs, 0-12

Was Bangladesh?s best batsman in the 1st Test. With an aggregate of 93 for the Test, looked in quite good form. But in the 2nd Test made a pair and his first innings way of getting out sounded to be the worst shot I have ever heard of. Also off his 2nd ball. A veteran of 20 Tests and just turning 20, he needs to stand up and make himself known all around the world. Mohammad Ashraful, it is time.

Rating 6/10 (for his first Test performance only)

Alok Kapali:
Scores 14, 0, 13 and 13. 40 runs at 10
Bowled 5 overs, 0-23

Everyone was calling for his sacking after the first Test. But no, the selectors wouldn?t have a bar of it. Apparently he has ?potential? and ?talent?. They?ve been saying that for years. But I don?t see any talent. He needs to go back to the domestic league for at least a season and really concentrate hard on his cricket before being let back into the team. He is still young at 19 almost 20 and can easily slot back into the team by the time he is 21 if he goes for it. Good luck.

Rating 1/10

Aftab Ahmed:
Scores 20 and 28. 48 runs at 24

Played very well for a debutant in the second Test. Got starts but didn?t seem to want to go on with it. He will learn from this and start getting big scores. He gets my vote for the best Bangladeshi batsman in the 2nd Test, on debut. He is 19 and has a bright future ahead of him if he puts his mind to it.

Rating 7/10

Khaled Mashud:
Scores 23*, 2, 18 and 51. 94 runs at 31.33
2 Catches

Batted with grit and determination, as you would expect from the captain. Stuck around but had no one to keep there with him. Could have captained a lot better in the field though. It is a tough job being keeper and captaining but he could have brought on Kapali a lot earlier than he did in the 2nd Test. While batsman are scoring lots of runs he should have made bowling changes every 5-10 overs just to change it round. He will learn from this and hopefully Habibul Bashar will be back to replace him next series.

Rating 6/10

Manjural Islam Rana:
Scores 16 and 1. 17 runs at 8.5.
Bowled 42 overs, 12 maidens, 3-84 at 28. Economy 2

Was the biggest talking point of the whole series when he was dropped for the second Test at Chittagong. There was uproar all around the globe as people expected Kapali to be dropped for him or for Rana to be selected ahead of Enamul Haque jnr. He supported Rafique to the best of his ability in the first Test. He was rewarded with 3 wickets in his support with Rafique. These were not the best wickets but he deserved them. He shows guts and determination with the bat as well, which is more than you can say for some of the so-called specialist batsmen above him.

Rating 7/10

Mohammad Rafique:
Scores 0, 24, 32 and 31. 87 runs at 21.75
Bowled 104.1 overs, 30 maidens, 9-252 at 28. Economy 2.42

Easily the best Bangladeshi player of the series. Showed real guts to go out and bat like he did both innings of the second Test and the 2nd innings of the first Test while the team was down and out. His bowling figures speak for itself. Bowled 104 overs in 2 innings. Took 9 wickets. This bloke is world class and is the best left arm spinner going around. He is located in the top 20 for PwC rankings and he will keep on going up if he plays like he did in this series. At 34 and being our best player he won?t be around for ever so we need to get as much out of him as we can.

Rating 9/10

Mushfiqur Rahman:
Scores 15 and 20. 35 runs at 17.5
Bowled 15 overs 0-68

Wasn?t our worst bowler, but wasn?t the best by far. Understandably didn?t bowl much on an obviously dead pitch. In his batting he got starts but couldn?t go on with it. This is not expected of your opening bowler. The specialist batsmen should do the job before him.

Rating 4/10

Tapash Baisya:
Scores 0, 0*, 0 and 66. 66 runs at 22
Bowled 45 overs, 1-194 at 194.

Was not his best series. But it is hard for a quick to get wickets on dead tracks. Showed a bit of spirit and showed his hard hitting abilities. Could be the next Shahid Afridi for Bangladesh. 66 runs off 47 balls. Well done. It was just a bit of entertainment for the not so entertained Bangladesh crowds and fans.

Rating 4/10

Tareq Aziz:
Scores 0 and 0
Bowled 12 overs 0-59

Didn?t show much in the first Test and was dropped after. Fast bowlers can?t really play well on dead wickets so it wasn?t his time to shine. Got a pair.

Rating 0/10

Enamul Haque jnr:
Scores 0* and 0*
Bowled 42 overs 2-142 at 71

Was controversially thrown into the team in place of Manjural Islam Rana. He felt the pressure as he proceeded to bowl 13 no balls in his 42 overs. He bowled quite well and gave the ball a big rip. He is a big prospect for the future after Rafique. At only 17 he has a lot of Test cricket ahead of him.

Rating 4/10

The Team:

The Bangladesh team as a whole played like school kids during the second Test. There was obviously a bit of difficulty playing out there, but their batting was atrocious. The tail wagged and showed the so-called specialist batsman how to play. Bangladesh unveiled two 19 year olds and one 17 year old who are great prospects for the future in Aftab Ahmed, Nafis Iqbal and Enamul Haque jnr. They showed fighting spirit and will definitely be in the team for years to come.

Tom Bourne is an Australian fan of Bangladesh. He goes by the nick bourny in the BanglaCricket forum.


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