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T20, Why It’s Not Our Ball Game, What We Can Do To Make It

From being termed as ‘hit-and-giggle’ cricket to becoming the most lucrative form of the sport, T20s have wrought many changes in the cricketing world since its inception a decade ago. The injection of substantial sums of money and increased viewer-ship following the advent of T20s has caused national teams around the world to take the newest form of the game more seriously, and as Jeeshan argues, this increased professionalization and specialization in many of the top tier cricket nations has left teams like Bangladesh in its wake. This article explores the yawning gap that has come to exist between Bangladesh and other Full Members of the ICC and posits some of the methods and tactics that may be implemented to address it.

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ICC Support : Bangladesh vs. Others

Critics of Bangladesh often argue that if Ireland or Afghanistan had been given the same support that Bangladesh gets, they would be better sides. Of course we will never know for sure, until and if, those countries get a crack at 14 years of Test cricket. Maybe 20 years from now we will, if Ireland and Afghanistan get Test status. However, looking at ICC’s current level of support, it is evident that ICC is giving at least as much support to the top Associates, if not more than was given to Bangladesh.

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Khondaker Mirazur Rahman

Khondaker Mirazur Rahman spends as much time on BanglaCricket as on his Post-Doctoral research on Gene Targeted Drug Design. Like a true scientist his articles are all well researched. He goes by the nick "Miraz" on our forums and is also a BanglaCricket editor.




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