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Old September 29, 2003, 10:26 AM
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Default Faster Connection - Bangladesh Cricket Records

A lost thread which I happen to have a copy of in the cache



Faster Connection - Bangladesh Cricket Records

I just found a site which is faster than Cricinfo's Bangladesh sites, and also does not have many advertisements on the sites.

Although there is nothing new - its just a copy-paste of the Bangladesh cricket stats of Cricinfo, but I think the connection to go to this site is much faster.

And the site is also updated - upto Bangaldesh's last tour of Pakistan.

It is -

CricketArchive http://www.cricketarchive.co.uk



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posted on 29-9-2003 at 06:24 AM

Tintin's faborite hangout.



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posted on 29-9-2003 at 07:26 AM

Hey cricketnext is also fast then any other cricket web sight.



Carte Blanche

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posted on 29-9-2003 at 07:52 AM

Yes Kalbaisakhi cricket next is faster than any other web sights I have seen. By the way, have you ever visited www.stfu.net by any chance?



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posted on 29-9-2003 at 08:00 AM

Sorry carta not yet.

What kind of web sight it is?



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posted on 29-9-2003 at 09:34 AM

As a cricket archive fan, a few comments :

When it comes to international CI is much more comprehensive, but for first class cricket statistics CA is better. First, CI's fc scorecards are largely incomplete, many older scorecards as well as more recent ones (like Pakistani fcc) are missing. Then CA is faster, and has got a neater interface.

But the feature that seperates CA from CI is its 'player oracle' feature which allows you to place queries on first class cricketers. If you want to know, for eg, how Nafis Iqbal has done in fcc or List A matches, this is about the only thing available in the net for it.

Player Oracle http://www.cricketarchive.co.uk/cgi-...yer_oracle.cgi (use the detailed stats option).


[Edited on 29-9-2003 by Tintin]
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Old September 29, 2003, 10:32 AM
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stfu - Shut the **** up, I believe.

Carte - I think you're point was missed by the intended recipient. But, do go easy on that fella ..
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Old September 29, 2003, 11:07 AM
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Default Images

Hey, I think I have the slowest connection among all of us and I don't think cricketnext is faster.

It is my opinion - I think many of you will know the truth in it - that web-pages that have pictures or images takes a little bit of time than usual sites that has no graphics, special formats like tables, menus, charts or advertisements etc.

One of the many reasons why most people in third world countries go for yahoo first is because of yahoo's faster connection than hotmail's.
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