March 2, 2015 Soumya Sarkar's shot in the dark

Christian Ryan

The long-lasting memory of a young batsman we have never seen before is of that one brilliant shot announcing his arrival
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Soumya Sarkar's wristy whip for four at Manuka Oval was unquestionably the perfect shot for that particular ball © Associated Press
In dreams a woman or man you do not know may step out into view, and some quality pressing out of them is so unsettling, yet in such sharp focus, it is like they are sunset-lit. This person, the dreamer realises, will recur in future dreams, always disconcertingly, though never quite with the sting or sick feeling of the first time, and something similar, only rarer, can happen to the watcher, watching cricket. Our most obvious reference point from semi-modern days is David Gower.