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Old August 10, 2009, 02:25 PM
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Default BCFCL - The Draft, Season 1

It's starting! This is the draft where the two captains will pick the players they need for their team for the inaugural season.



Players on offer: (2)

Dhrubo (Batsman, RHB, RFM) (Dhrubo)
F1-mania (Batsman, RHB, RM) (F1-mania)
Nzfan (Batsman, LHB, LAS) (nzfan)
Parvez (Batsman, RHB, RM) (parvez)
Bujhee Kom (Batsman, RHB, RLS) (bujhee kom)
Tonoy (Batsman, LHB, LFM) (tonoy)
Razi (Batsman, LHB, ROS) (Razi)
Auntu (Batsman, RHB, ROS) (auntu)
Mijanul Akbar (Batsman, RHB, ROS) (Tigers_eye)

Fahad (WicketKeeper-Batsman, RHB, RFM) (Mav)
Akib (Wicketkeeper Batsman, RHB, RLS) (Akib)
Rommel Rana (Wicketkeeper Batsman, RHB, RF) (ro1249)
Ashfaq Siraji (WicketKeeper-Batsman, RHB, ROS) (Siraji)

Nycpro96 (Batting All-Rounder, RHB, ROS) (nycpro96)
Cameron (Batting All-Rounder, RHB, RM) (cameron)

Purbasha Talukder (Pure All-Rounder, RHB, RFM) (Purbasha T)
Nadim (Pure All-rounder, RHB, RLS) (nadim 98)
Gunda (Pure All-Rounder, RHB, RF) (gunda)
Sadi (Pure All-Rounder, RHB, RFM) (WarWolf)
Ashraf (Pure All-Rounder, RHB, RLS) (Ashraf-FTP)

Jaber (Bowling All-Rounder, RHB, RFM) (jaber)
Abid Khan (Bowling All-Rounder, RHB, RM) (Abid_Khan)

Sidratul Baizeed (Bowler, RHB, RFM) (sbsash)
Gopal Bhar (Bowler, RHB, LF) (ZeeshanM)
Abz Yemon (Bowler, RHB, RF) (abz..+)
Yusuf Mohammed (Bowler, LHB, LM) (MohammedC)
Niv (Bowler, RHB, RLS) (Niv)
Warfaze Dream (Bowler, RHB, RF) (Imteaz)
Mijanur Rahman (Bowler, RHB, RF) (revolver)
Abc Zain (Bowler, RHB, RFM) (abc70)

Picked players will be highlighted in bold and underlined font.
Unpicked players will have the regular font.
All players must be picked.

Draft Order:

Nadim (nadim 98)
Bujhee Kom (bujhee kom)
Gopal Bhar (ZeeshanM)

Mijanul Akbar (Tigers_eye)
Akib (Akib)
Yusuf Mohammed (Mohammed C)
Sidratul Baizeed (sbsash)
Rommel Rana (Rommel)
Sadi (Warwolf)
Tonoy (tonoy)
Abz Yemon (abz..+)
Auntu (auntu)
Purbasha Talukder (Purbasha T)
Nycpro96 (nycpro96)
Dhrubo (Dhrubo)
Ashraf (Ashraf-FTP)
Nzfan (nzfan)
Gunda (gunda)
Razi (Razi)
Warfaze Dream (Imteaz)
Ashfaq Siraji (Siraji)
Jaber ()
Niv (Niv)
Abid Khan (Abid_Khan)
Parvez (parvez)
Fahad (Mav)
F1-mania (F1-mania)
Cameron (cameron)

BC Assassins

1. Rifat Chowdhury (C) (Rifat)
2. Nadim (nadim 98)
3. Mijanul Akbar (Tigers_eye)
4. Yusuf Mohammed (MohammedC)
5. Rommel Rana (Rommel)
6. Tonoy (tonoy)
7. Auntu (auntu)
8. Nycpro96 (nycpro96)
9. Ashraf (Ashraf-FTP)
10. Gunda (gunda)
11. Warfaze Dream (Imteaz)
12. Jaber ()
13. Abid Khan (Abid_Khan)
14. Fahad (Mav)
15. Cameron (cameron)

Awesome BCites

1. Bangla Red (C) (bangla-red)
2. Bujhee Kom (bujhee kom)
3. Gopal Bhar (ZeeshanM)
4. Akib (Akib)
5. Sidratul Baizeed (sbsash)
6. Sadi (Warworlf)
7. Abz Yemon (abz..+)
8. Purbasha Talukder (PurbashaT)
9. Dhrubo (Dhrubo)
10. Nzfan (nzfan)
11. Razi (Razi)
12. Ashfaq Siraji (Siraji)
13. Niv (Niv)
14. Parvez (parvez)
15. F1-mania (F1-mania)

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