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Old June 27, 2016, 03:50 PM
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cry some more!
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Old June 27, 2016, 04:21 PM
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Originally Posted by iDumb
He is not even a player ..he is a hack .. and Ajfar loves this hack
Lol I don't know why you keep bringing up Neymar. You sound like BNP Awami blind supporter, rather than talking about what's relevant, you would rather discuss someone who is not even relevant to the topic.

Originally Posted by iDumb
Listen I don't even like Argentina but the logic that one has to lift a country trophy to be eligible to be called greatest is a poor one ... some of the major clubs across all leagues are better than most national teams if u can hypothetically put them head to head ..... soccer has changed over the last 30 years

Ur logic is u are great if u can carry bunch of underperformers to glory for ur country ...... yes true messi plays with good players in barca but he produces unbelievable plays ... he is perhaps unable to do that in Argentina (which is not true it seems that way) not because he isn't great but because the team understanding is not there
lol your argument makes zero sense. You said, your logic is you are great if you carry a bunch of underperformer to glory. First I never said that. And second under performers? Lol you are clearly a Messi fan boy, losing your mind over this loss. Its not even worth my time to write down the top players Argentina had in their run during the world cup and Copa America.

And now the part about team understanding is not there? Lol so let me get this right. The team understanding is there when Messi takes the team to 3 finals in a row, but can't close the deal just one more time because the team understanding is not there?

List of your excuse- great German team, plays in a team full of under performer, understanding not there with the team.

I asked previously what's the excuse for Messi missing the penalty? Like I said instead of talking about what's relevant you would rather talk about Neymar. Greatest player ever can not have 3 back to chokes in a final game in his resume. How can you be called the greatest player EVER to have played the game, if you can't pull of just one goal in 3 huge games and on top of that you go screw up a penalty shot.

So the argument many put forth is wrong because it's counterintuitive .. messy looks great in club because he plays with good players ...it's actually the opposite.. he can display his talent when he has equally adept player assisting him .... if you are mediocre..u will look worse next to good players [/QUOTE]

So another words, Messi needs Barcelona players by his side to display his greatness. The greatest player ever to have played the game, also needs players of his quality by his side to show his greatness. I hope you realize that's a knock on Messi that people always point out, so you just agreed with them. Oh and once again check the name of some of the players Messi has on his Argentina team.

I hate arguing in BC. It always somehow turns into oh you hate such and such player because you love this other player. In this case idumb is clearly convinced I hate messi because I like Neymar. I like Messi, in fact I went to go see Messi live against Brazil in 2012. Brazil lost 4-3 and Messi got a hatrick I believe. It was the best game I watched because I was there. I know the quality player he is. But to me he is not the best ever to have played the game, he would have finished off at least one of those 3 finals and bring glory for Argentina after so long.
"I was the happiest man in the world, happier than Bill Gates"- Tamim Iqbal
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Old June 27, 2016, 10:57 PM
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Excellent article on the Messi-Maradona debate

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Old July 2, 2016, 07:20 AM
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a summary.
Life is short. Have an affair.
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