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Forget Cricket Talk about anything [within Board Rules, of course :) ]

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Old January 7, 2007, 08:04 PM
mhferdaus mhferdaus is offline
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Default some common misconceptions

I have observed some misconceptions about some stuffs in the forum that I would want to further explore with my puny mind, but here is my opinions about them :

1. Anti-Semitism : the word Sem seems to come from Bani-Shaam, most of them are reported to live in Arab lands ( of different religion ... Christians, Muslims, Jews, Fire worshippers etc. ). Shaam is name of one of the sons of Hadrat Nuh ( AS : ), so that means if you are anti-Semitic you hate all the Arabs ... some members have the idea that some political parties of ours are anti-semitic, and reportedly they are Muslims, well they would hate Many Muslims if they hate the Arabs. There is the hatred of zionist ambition to conquer the arab world by some Muslims but that is not hating anti-semitism, that is not even anti-judaism.

2. We have no dealing cards : Some members believe that we Bangladeshi people have nothing to offer as the means of getting something back as a trade. Disregarding the natural resources, we have such a big market of 140 million people at least 10 percent of them are very rich that is 14 million people, even many european nations do not have that vast number of rich people, and thus we provide a huge market. Also the cheap labour we provide must be taken under consideration if we had political stability we could have seen much more foreign investment only because of cheap labour. We also have skilled labour, especially in IT sections sometimes even more skillful than the indians. And talking about natural resources, I think we need most for ourselves but foreign interest is different ...

3. Bangladesh hates India : Another common misconception from the indian members of the forum is that we hate india or do not have gratitude. Well let me break this up for you guys what we exactly we are not comfortable with. We see the rise of parties like BJP and Shibshena who contiuosly preach that Muslims are alien in india and they should either be slaughtered or made into shudra. And Bangladesh should be conquered by india. Needless to say how we should feel about that. Luckily India has not gone in the hands of such people of yet, but some policies taken by india seems to working under the nehru doctrine of crippling and taking up BD little by little and we after a lot of effort do not want to give up our country that easily. Thus we feel kind of uncomfortable when we see them making more and more farakka, even where there is no profit for them making it. We in general though do not hate india, a lot of us watches Hind movie and likes tendulkar and ganguly and other cricket players. We also showed enthusiasm over the victory of congress in india and thought of better cooperation and co-existence between india and rest of the asian nations.

4. Bangladesh needs India as only trade partner : Bangladesh needs all the help it can get with its interest in tact, thus whether it is India or China or Burma or any other nation, we have to see what we get back by proportion of what we give, and thus make up our trade partners, depending only in one nation would take our bargaining chip and make us super vulnareble.

5. Muslims conquest is the reason behind Muslim population in BD : one of the biggest and funniest misconception, perhaps "jar mone ja fal dia uthe ta"-ism. Muslim population existed well before the Turkish conquest. Arab,Irani, Turkish businessmen and saints came way before the conquest, and they taught about the religion in between their travels. Thus it had a deeper root even before the times of Muslim rules, and not only low and middle class citizens became Muslims, many aryans ( and chokrobortis ) also became Muslims at those times. Also from other different religions.

6. Fundamentalists Muslims hate Bangla language : Though not sure about this, but I have read in history book that high caste Hindus hated Bangla and wanted it removed ( as it was not "pure" ), but the Muslims protested against it and encouraged practising Bangla.
okay there are plenty more perhaps we might have misconceptions of other nations and religions, it would be good to know what are they ...

7. Bangladeshis are most copulist people ( by Al-Furqaan ) : Well if you are talking about our numbers, just compare the population of america as it was 500 years ago to that of now, and do the same for BD.

also : I found some article in wikipedia saying Hindus were massacred in Bangladesh at 1971 Ad Gregorian, but for got to mention way more Muslims were massacred in Bangladesh at the same year.

and people are welcome to call me piece of sh** or fascist if my opinion does not match theirs. after all I smell so i got to be piece of sh** , that would be always a good argument, but do not say something of my ancestors that you do not know about, as we are completely different breeds ( ironically ).

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