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Old April 26, 2003, 08:58 PM
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I didn't mind Habibul Bashar's out (it was coming) but Javed Omar's out was just heartbreaking. That guy tried so hard. Javed's inning was flawless.. but bashar got lucky quiet a few times.

The realistic but best scenario would have been if Javed and Ashraul batted the whole day. But unfortunately Javed just got unlucky! ANd that was the end of everything!!

I agree with Pundit. Ashraful can adjust to different situations and that what makes a great batsman.... It doesnt really matter what happens today cuz I already took the deafeat! I was dreaming of a draw yesterday! That's BOLD!

ps: anticipating pundit's 300th post! Hope it's nothing stupid

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Old April 26, 2003, 11:00 PM
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Got to agree with Orpheus
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Old April 26, 2003, 11:19 PM
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Default The whole team ... I\'m happy with batting

Have (almost) always baked Akram uncle but if he doesn't play around 100 balls or scores a 40-50 innings, I don't see any reason to keep him in the team. This is not his first test, he has been playing for ages and must have something to show for it, right ?
Ashraful - Don't see anything wrong with his slow rate. Even the South Afican batsmen took their sweet time to get to those scores. It's a test match folks, Ash is young. The more he stays out there, the more 'experience' he gets, the more runs he gets and unlike Akram uncle, he will probably take this experience into the next match.
Kapali - You can't hit a 50 in every single match. Even Tendu has ducks. Kapali is not superhuman. He works for it, sometimes he will make it, sometimes he will miss it but you give him more chances (ie. not drop him or ridicule him for one or two flops) and he promises to give you much over the next few years. I look at the BD team and I see the future prospects. By the way - Ali Zia discovered his hidden talents as per bd papers.
We don't have much going on in the present EXCEPT for Sumon's back to back halves (No Pilot = a happy Sumon) and a SLAP in the face for the selectors for dropping Golla for previous tests. However, they took him back so I guess I take the slap back. All they have to do is play him every game unless he flops in 3/4 tests straight. Play him in one dayers so maybe we can play ALL 50 overs.
Opee - I like him, he hasn't done much weak attacks at home. He need time to get used to the quality. Hence, sign him up for Australia as well.
Salim - nothing against him. Keep him for the second test. The worst thing we can do his career (and we have done this to others) is to drop hi after only a couple of matches.
Moni - 40 years ... All you got is time, play this like this is your farwell test and play the whole day if you want to ... It's your day.
Masri - read that he sent a nasty bouncer to down Rudolph. Well, another quick 30 won't hurt today.
Taposh - Already have a 50, what's stopping him from getting another one ?
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Old April 27, 2003, 07:55 AM
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Default My replies

I think I regret Sumon's getting out more than Javed's. Although Sumon's out was coming, but Sumon also has a hundred and there is nothing more to boost one's confidence is by scoring a hundred against the second ranked test side in the world - South Africa; rather than ninth ranked test side in the world - Zimbabwe.

But I guess Javed cannot lead the batsman at the other end as well as Ashraful can. That is a huge bonus for having Ashraful in the team. I don't know what anyone else thinks, I think that at least 60 percent credit for Sumon's getting to that hundred has to go to Ashraful talking with Sumon rather than anything else.

Having said that, it seems that there is no one in the team to guide Ashraful - which is a worry for me.

On the delivery that Javed got out - it was a cracker of a ball. And that is how cruel test cricket is. You play as hard as possible to concentrate, with determination and all, but you get one really good ball - and you are out.

About Tapash's not scoring any more runs in test match cricket after his maiden test fifty, I think it is because Tapash has become more of a bowler.

And in time, I fail to understand this that how come even the team management promote Tapash to number nine in the first innings and then today at number ten (well it was demotion - but nevertheless) when there is somebody like Enamul Haque Moni in the side and he gets to bat at eleven! How ridiculous is the lower order's batting order!

But in the end, Moni could not prove anything. So Moni proved that it doesn't matter who bats at which position, Moni will never become a true all-rounder in test match cricket - that he deserves to be.

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