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Old May 8, 2020, 09:55 PM
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Default Psychedelics and Islam

Psychedelics and Islam
Zeeshan Mahmud

Has anyone done psychedelics?

Background: Ram Dass, or Richard Alpert, a famous Harvard researcher and a hippie who tripped hundreds of times on LSD at his later years maintained that his guru Neem Karoli Baba always stressed the importance of the religion in which a person is born. Now in his case, it was Christianity. If anything, his guru would push his buttons and dissuade all these white foreigners from America in the 60s to go back home and pursue Christianity. When Ram Dass offered his guru high dosage of LSD, the man popped those pills and it seemed it had no effect on him. Later he would denounce these Siddhi "pills" as a hindrance for spiritual growth. He said: Yes it is like meeting Christ for 2 hours, but it is much better to be Christ.

Now in my case, my birth-religion is Islam. However, just I was off-put by the rather aggressive tone in Quran - about fear, punishment, hail and brimstone, taking sword against unbelievers or kufr, how fitnah is more deadly than killing- I have started to listen to English translation again.

I have done three khatm when I was young in Arabic but never delved into the transliteration.

I still firmly believe that not all religions are meant for everyone, or that I will ever get back to my "birth" religion, however my philosophy is slowly changing.

Why? This is where next part comes in:

Psychedelics: I personally haven't done psychedelics. Closest experience I had was on Salvia, which is legal in smoke stores in US and from sensory deprivation tank. After the honeymoon and bliss wore off from sensory deprivation tank, I started noticing few things. Among them a couple of examples are as follows:
  • Someone telling me in a very liberal and friendly California: "Would you rather I use the N word?"
  • A valet DELIBERATELY driving the car before my senior father and mother got off and dragging them; and I reacted in volatile manner

So why would something - an experience mimicking psychedelics - would bring out the inner monster and A-hole out of me after the high ran off?

Because, psychedelics as well as opening the 3rd eye FORCES one to confront one his demons. In fact, UNIVERSE was forcing me to stand up for myself. In my life, I have been too passive and easy going as to throw people's trashes out of fear and self-perceived "virtuosity". I hardly stood up for my beliefs. I have been hammered down by emotional abuse by parents, relatives, and societal structure as well as educational authority into such a submission whereby I always felt afraid to speak up for my Self and my rights.

As Jordan Peterson said: "Harmless is not virtue. If that was the case, rabbits would be virtuous."

At any rate, it was almost GOD or Universe was pushing me to say: HOW MUCH WOULD IT TAKE ME TO PUSH YOU TO FINALLY SAY "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?"

This is important. And this is where psychedelics and inner reconciliation as well as the message of Islam comes in.

Read on.

Psychedelics and Islam: Let us take an example of a verse from Surah Baqarrah, one of many which bothered me. Islam as a provocateur doesn't condone Mosaic "eye for an eye" vengeance as much compassion, mercy and forgiveness it preaches.

Having lived a mid-life drawn to Alan Watts, Raymond Smullyan, Buddhism, Eastern Religion, Sufi and dervishes and the rather odiously passive Taoism (as much as I love the philosophy), I always felt :
  • one should always be kind, easy going, loving and compassionate even to the extent of abuse
  • kumbaya mentality
  • undeserved forgiveness and to overlook egregious sins
  • peace and love-doveyness

However, killing in Islam is permitted out of self-defense - as far as I am concerned. And justifiably so. Again:

How much would it take for Universe to push you to say: Enough is enough?

I have been sucker punched simply for existing out of nowhere and I turned my other cheek. The assaulter simply said: "Oh muh bad dude, I was just having a bad day."

Similarly, an ibogaine, salvia, DMT and ESPECIALLY ayahuasca can be a frightening, terrifying and deeply disturbing experience.
  • Ibogaine has been compared to a "stern but loving father".
  • Lady Aya can be extremely stern
  • Lady Aya FORCED and COMPELLED Graham Hancock to quit marijuana
  • Ayahuasca FORCES one to confront one's demons
  • There is a reason why ayahuasca is called "Purga" because one purges in the intial phase and it is anything but pleasant
  • 5 MeO DMT, toad DMT, ayahuasca... all can be likened to experiences which are ANYTHING but pleasant

So what's my point?

And here we come to the crux of the matter:

Why does Islam have to be Krishna consciousness? Where would be Justice if Allah forgave Hitler, Polpot, Amin and sigh, Bin Laden or other who does grave crimes against humanity? Where would be the sense of Justice? Why should a religion always have to be lovey-dovey, toxically preachy "compassionate" and kind? Why should you always turn the other cheek like Christ consciousness even if someone is raping you or your loved ones or any egregious crime?

Where would you draw the line?

So this made me wonder: A GOD or ALLAH... it is perfectly reasonable for a God or Allah to use fear tactics or stern punishment instead of turning the other cheek and overlooking despicable crimes such as satanist pedophilia to name one. If God wouldn't judge then who would? Maybe judging others is not inherently that bad, especially if you are spiritually bypassing and not confronting your own shadows and Jungian archetype.

Everything has time and place. As RazabQ once famously proclaimed. LOL!

Point being, yes ultimately there will be one GRAND and GIANT love fest and orgy of unio mystica whereby we merge with Brahmin, Tao, God, YWVH or even Allah ultimately.

But ultimately how would there be spiritual growth if you don't enforce boundaries or if Allah forgave those for inexcusable atrocities?


Sure it is conservative, but maybe it is a balance of Nature.

If one were to accept the axiomatic:
  • All is One.
  • One is All.
  • All is Brahman.
  • Everything is One.
  • Or other advaita, nondual or Taoist concept, then by virtue of that logic you should understand that in an inclusive Universe, ISLAM MUST EXIST.

Parallels between DMT and Islam: An article cited below points out the similarities between fractals seen in DMT trip and psychedelic visions to the beautiful Arabesque calligraphy and architectural design.

Such as this:

And this:

I know it is a taboo subject, but just like people experiencing DMT trips talk of alien beings, entities, I also find it interesting the mention of Jinns in Quran.

Also what I intuited always has been expressed elsewhere which I cant find how the similarities between Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) on borak (bark?) for Meraj onto Heavens and how when he came back - and just like a 10 minute DMT trip- he found the tap still running like the way he left it (forgive me for the lack of details) to experience a relativistic time dilation.

No matter how precise the technological and scientific developments, energy must materialise from the manifold before it can be observed, and so be physical; until Allah materialises it, it does not for all intents and purposes exist, yet we have the power within us to witness beyond this physical realm.

Mohammad took a journey, deep into the underlying reality, a virtual reality of infinite knowledge, on an object called Burraque, the meaning coming from the Arabic root Barque which translates as lightening, so Burraque means intense energy, or energy light, the journey Mohammad took within the information exchange of the manifold was a level of understanding beyond which no human knowledge, residing in this world, has ever delved, or could ever explore deeper, he travelled to the limits of our emotional energy.

Upon his return from this virtual underlying reality of his conscious being, Mohammad found that the door chain of his house was still moving, and the water from which he had made his ablution was still dripping, as if he had been gone only a very short time. The effects of linear time are a manifestation of the manifold as reality is reinvented instant by instant around once every 9 billionths of a second, but within the manifold the illusion of linear time does not exist, so time can be perceived shorter or, longer than time within our physical universe.

Mohammad was asked if he had seen Allah, to which he replied, ‘No’. What is clear is he attained the deepest and utmost knowledge of the true nature of existence, ever conceived or comprehended, and vouchsafed to any man.
Although however stories and essays like these are considered "taboo", "blasphemy" and quickly shunned and shelved aside by staunch conservative hardcore Shia Muslims.

Further, it is entirely conceivable the Prophet who meditate in cave Hira, he could have triggered his pineal gland and awaken 3rd eye akin to the ones in dark chamber such as retreats offered by Mantak Chia.

Conclusion: At any rate, I think it is a fascinating topic that needs to be explored further. But I am more interested if any Muslims have done any hardcore psychedelics and had any Islamic-based religious experiences meeting Allah.

Your thoughts are welcome.




Omega Man

Old May 11, 2020, 08:04 PM
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I don't think muhammed took any psychedelics. He would have turned out better.
The end of Rahim will mark a new great beginning for the complacency free Bangladesh!
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