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Old August 22, 2012, 12:53 AM
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Default SLPL-Failure or success?

2/3rd of SLPL has been over and im pretty sure people can start making conclusion about this league.

Crowd: The crowd in this tourney has been very dissappointing. The number of crows passing by has outnumbered the spectators. Apart from 2-3 matches, most of the matches has had only a HANDFUL of audience. However of course, Srilanka doesnt have a small population but even still, the board shouldve taken some initiative to BRING in people. Only the Wayamba team has done something to get crowds in. The other franchises, or even the board, have done NOTHING.
Crowd score-2/10

Televions and Internet Audience: Although there wasnt much audience at the stadium. Im pretty sure there was ample television viewers. The tournament has been broadcasted in several countries. Although they didnt bring in Indian players, there were enough pakistani players in the league, enough to attract a vast number viewers from Pakistan. They also included few BDeshi players, to attract viewers from Bangladesh. However, so far, only 3 BDeshis have played thus there really hasnt been much BDeshi flavour in the tournament. So as expected, not much hype from bangladeshi viewers. Had more BD players been involved, for say Shakib, Mashrafee and razzak, there would be more interest among bangladeshis. On the other hand, there probably arent many audience from Australia, South Africa and other countries, because of the lack of interest in a foreign league.
This area would score -7/10

International Flavour- The tournament was expected to have big names like Gayle, Levi, Albie morkel, Botha, Shakib, Samuels. However none of them showed up in the league at all. As a result, the quality of the international cricketers in the league has been average overall. 20 pakistani players and few NOT-SO -FAMOUS players from Australia, New Zealand is hardly something to be proud.
This area would score-4.5/10

Performance by Locals-
Unlike BPL, one of the best things about this league was the involvement of local players. Weve seen several unknown Lankans stepping up and performing better than their foreign teammates. At the same time, the captains have been giving the locals enough chances. In BPL and IPL, ive seen foreign part time bowlers bowling ahead of specialist local bowlers. On the other hand the foreign lower order batsman batted ahead of local batsman who generally bats high up in the order. SLPL however was different, they didnt make the same mistake and gave the locals enough exposure.
This area scores 9/10

Quality of Cricket- Although the quality hasnt been that bad, it wasnt that great either. I watched most of the matches(im having holiday), and IMO the quality of cricket didnt live up to my expectation. The fielding in the tournament has been ridiculous. Ive seen drop catches after drop catches, misfieldings. miss-stumpings. The bowling also has been poor. I cant recall many yorkers or good bouncers. The bowlers have been bowling countless wides, no-balls, full tosses.
In the batting department, there wasnt too many Sixes, but still, the batting in the tournament overall has been good. Although we didnt see too many big scores in the tournaments, most of the matches had 120/130+ scores so the batting generally has been good. Oh, and the umpiring in the tournament has been poor but you cant really consider that can you?
This area receives a 6/10 score.

So overall, I think the tournament has neither been "Huge success", nor a "Total Flop". Id say average.

whats everyone's view about the tournament?
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Old August 22, 2012, 01:49 AM
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Well, it is getting monotonous with IPL, BPL et al. Just like every leagues one cannot be bothered by nameless local lads. So from Sri Lanka's perspective it may be a different story as they will be concerned how they are being groomed. (But we felt BPL's success in Asia Cup).

As far as crowd and ratings is concerned, the thing is there were no interesting events but Mahela's 96 sort of piqued some interest. At the end, the nature of the game dictates success or failure.

I'd much rather follow SilPil than U-19 games or even Tests. And yes, it's because of BD players.
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Old August 25, 2012, 07:52 AM
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Apart from the crowds the absence of WI players made SeeLPeeL lamer.
BPL was more high scoring thanks to the WIndians.
Matches yave been very one sided and low scoring.

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