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I have to agree with most of you who are against bringing back the likes of Bulbul, Nannu, Akram, etc. I do agree that they were forced to retire a tad early, especially with the nascent state of our development as far as the game is concerned. I also must add that their performance was not much different from the showing of our present players, hence, I feel, it is fruitless to even talk about the foregone stars of our team. If we must bring some of the more seasoned players back in contention for the national squad, players like Mehrab Hussain, Al Shehriar, Mohammad Sharif, Hasib-ul-Hussain come to mind, of course they all need a full fledged rehabilitation program to even be considered for the A team.

fwullah... I couldn't add more to your thoughts, but someone has to take the initiative, since the word "volunteer" is not so commonly used in our culture.
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