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Default Aminul, Minhazul

It is true Akram has retired officiallyand in no mood to return and ouot of practice. Nannu has officially retired from ODI but expressed his desire to play test. Aminul did not retire at all. Both Aminul and Nannu are inform. Nannu was the highest scorer in the CCL and Aminul is playing in Australia. I am sure they will be more than happy to joint the national team if asked to. this is not a long term solution. But we need some pride back in the short term. please let us not fool ourselves with too many teen age sensations. I am sure they can not do worse than Faisal and Alok etc. Their foot work and shot selection were no worse. And I am sure they played with more responsibility and pride than Bashar. It is no shame to acknoledge mistakes and learn from Kenya.
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